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ABOUT <The Outbreak>

病毒肆虐, 在人心惶惶下,



有关病患被打上 VOC-21 标签隔离, 配合实验室进行特效药研发。

病房内, 患者在日复一日的隔离中倍感寂寥;
实验室内, 研究人员为了研发特效药焦头烂额;
医院内, 医生与护士为了抢救病患争分夺秒。


不料病毒加速进化, 病人死亡率直线飙升, 纸终于盖不住火 。
三方各自的焦灼与不安, 在此时迎来各方矛盾与冲突。

在生与死, 爱与恨, 希望与绝望之后,

People are panicking, a mutated and highly-lethal new virus, VOC-21, quietly lurks into the community. Patients were labelled for isolation and cooperated with laboratories to develop specific drugs. Doctors and nurses race against time to rescue patients. Patients feel unbearably lonely in wards while researchers are desperately developing medicine to combat the virus.


For a long time, it was thought to be under control. But the virus has accelerated its evolution and the death rate has soared immensely. The anxiety has caused contradictions and conflicts from all sides. After experiencing life and death, love and hate, hope and despair, people have different understandings for the meaning of life.

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